His masterpiece: Gardaland
Park Director from 1974 to 1996

Giorgio Tauber

A historic meeting that changes everything …

His name is Livio Furini, he observes with curiosity and attention as Tauber conducts his work on the campsite and tells him before leaving: “When something important is born on Lake Garda, you will come to be a director!” Few and enigmatic words that Tauber had almost forgotten when, on December 20, 1974, Furini called him on the phone and said: “I have to talk to you about that thing I mentioned to you! When will we see each other? “Tauber, who had not yet understood what he was referring to, replied:” I am going back on January 7th from vacation “; “All right, I’ll see you in Peschiera, at my house,” says Furini.

Image from “Tabù nel mondo dei parchi” – pag.26

Image from “Tabù nel mondo dei parchi” – pag.28

“These are the projects of the PARK OF THE FUTURE!” And then he begins to speak in an excited voice without ever stopping. Tauber, who had never opened his mouth, is evidently already conquered and dragged; his eyes shine and he feels the goose bumps run down his back! Needless to say, Tauber eagerly accepts to be part of this venture. On 8 January 1975 Tauber meets with Furini, who says to him: “Come with me, get on the jeep”. The journey is short: they arrive in the town of Ronchi, a hamlet of Castelnuovo del Garda and with the car they enter the fields, pass through the vines and after having jumped from one furrow to another they stop in a depression, where there is a species of wooden shack. Inside there is only a table with so many sheets of mysterious drawings on it.

The beginning of the works

The birth of a work that will change everything …

In a restaurant in San Benedetto di Lugana in the presence of Furini, Cesare Brentaroli, Flavio Zaninelli and all the other partners officially received the assignment of the direction of the hidden park. Alberto Fogliardi, mayor of Castelnuovo del Garda, will be able to create many jobs.

The first bulldozer cynically moves and sinks his teeth into the earth, which is neatly leveled following a design that is still mysterious but well defined. The messy sheets seen in the shack have become ordered projects: this new world that is being born will be called GARDALAND and will extend over an area of 30 hectares, 18 of which are green, with 200,000 plants and 15,000 bushes; green will be one of the shows that will give it more prestige.


The inauguration of the park together with the prefect of Verona and the founding members of Gardaland.

20TH ANNIVERSARY: 19 July 1995

Per il 20° anniversario Gardaland realizzò una serie di scenografie aggiuntive per decorare il parco in base ai “Mondi” presenti nel parco. Ogni mese le scenografie cambiavano, un mese venivano celebrati i Corsari, il mese successivo il mondo dell’Antico Egitto e poi ancora il Vecchio West, le Hawaii ecc….


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