Born for the conception, design, construction and above all, for the management of theme parks, to be carried out in Italy and in the world.

The big issues to develop are:

Cultural history: because history and culture must be essential parts of our knowledge, paths must be studied that can be proposed by the child to the elderly, that lead the visitor from the history and culture of their region to that of their own nation, up to that of the world in which we all belong, paths in which every visitor can keep a vivid and passionate memory.
Scientific: because science is our future, all or almost dependent on science, on the ability we will have to never stop progressing to improve our knowledge. So it was in the past, so it is today and so will tomorrow. Naturalistic: because we often forget about nature and its magic, the frenzy of modern life, the ever-tightening times prevent us from rejoicing and participating in the wonders that nature, every day, puts us under our gaze. From the simplest things and those closest to the most unknown and distant. We must continue to be amazed by the beauty of nature and keep control with it.
Playful: because fun must be a constant in our lives. Nobody can deny me, fun is a necessity of indispensable life.
Music: a river of music told in exclusive attractions that will remain in the mind of those who use it. Everyone must be able to rejoice: children, adults and the elderly. Therefore, Divertimento will be the common thread of our project, the trade union of all the components

Park of the 5 themes

The idea presupposes the search for a dimension of life that is more human and child-friendly; dimension linked to nature, to the defense of the environment, to the support of culture without compromising the promotion of the territory, economic development and the growth of well-being. The group’s activities aim to harmonize the fun with the didactic experience, the discovery of new realities and the impulse to creativity: all played in a stimulating atmosphere characterized by easily perceptible and balanced messages that can help to make more serene, albeit within the limits of a contingent experience, the Child Universe. The messages and the “small great worlds” in the Park also appeal to adults, so that they can find opportunities for relaxation and participation in the playful moment, in a climate of revisiting the own roots and forgotten sensations: this is an opportunity to bring parents and children closer (and perhaps to seize new ideas that can strengthen and enrich their relationship) but also an attempt to restore and therefore rediscover what is is left out in the difficult path of “growing up”.

The project

The project The Kecskemét Play Park is faithful to its philosophy and is at the base of the design of the Company and is in harmony with the concepts of total liveability of the environments that have as a whole man the protagonist. It, in perfect symbiosis with nature, is totally immersed in greenery.

Theme Leader

Since it is a theme park, it was essential to identify a common matrix for all the playful moments that could in some way characterize the entire intervention area. For this purpose the “dream” has been identified that will be found a little everywhere and that will be recognized in the atmosphere that will be created inside and outside the structures. The dream as liberation, as creativity, as intimate conversation with his own imagination, as a magical interpretation of reality, the dream as the leader to visit the 5 themes chosen: History, Culture, Science, Music and Nature.

News 2017: “The group will start designing a unique park that industry experts have called a DIAMOND …”