Taboo in the world of parks

A book unique in the world.

The new Tabu has been updated and is now available on request via email.

With my collaborators we have made it more complete and readable. I advise everyone to buy it because it is a unique book in the world.

These are the fantastic Taboo characters. In 2019 “Le fabole di Tabù” will be released

Nel mondo dei parchi (1992 – out of stock)

Giorgio Tauber after several managerial experiences in Verona and Milan, in 1975 he was called to direct the then new-born Gardaland park. A considerable amount of organizational and managerial experience is thus formed day after day and “on the front line” in an absolutely new path for Italy.
The numerous and regular journeys of work and learning in the major American, European and Asian parks make it one of the most expert and profound connoisseurs of the “world of fun and relaxation”.

Liberi pensieri svolazzanti 1 (1997)

The desire to print this booklet came to me on the night of 4 July 1995 and during the sleepless nights after this date. I then dusted off all these notes of mine which I kept secretly and jealously kept in various drawers written on many sheets and various diaries. With the patience and collaboration of Rosa and Francesco, we put them together and finally printed.
This small sign I want to give it as a gift only to those I love, if it were to browse through someone who hurt me … .. that I have already forgiven him.
I am sure, that it is better to forgive than to be forgiven.

Liberi pensieri svolazzanti 2 (2000)

I know two Giorgio Tauber: the passionate, enthusiastic, combative and the sweet, the dreamer, a little childish.
They are like two children who together become a solid man who knows where he wants to go and for this he fights with all his strength.
It is strange how one who has the commitment and the ability to materially construct an idea, also has time to let himself be distracted by certain “Fluttering Thoughts”, which occasionally, like a child, surround him and make him slip into poetry.
But all this is part of his work, which is to imagine new worlds, places of color and fantasy that can only be created with the concreteness of work and experience.

Liberi pensieri svolazzanti 3 (2008)

“My child, I will teach you the importance of finding:
time to play: it is the secret of a simple heart:
time to read: it is the basis of knowledge;
time to give: it is the road to happiness;
time to reflect: it is the source of wisdom;
time to laugh and to cry: it is the seed of solidarity;
time to pray: it is the music of the soul;
time to dream: it is the path that leads to the stars;
the time to love and be loved: it is the true joy of living!

Go on, our child, on this road and you will become Salvation for all of us!

Pensieri… Poesie… Disegni… Fotografie… (2008)

Giorgio Tauber (grandfather “flying”) and Alverio Merlo (grandfather “dreamy”), two grandparents who still feel young and perhaps still have something to say have causally met and discovered they have so many thoughts and ideas in common, all two a little crazy, artists, outside the schemes of the world, have thought of uniting their extravagant artistic expressions to give their grandchildren, the continuity of their spirit and a bit of their being. Two eternal children who have made their philosophy of life a springboard for their grandchildren.

“Regalare emozioni è il mio lavoro,
sorridere e far sorridere è la mia filosofia
di vita”

Giorgio Tauber

The game of Tabu In the world of parks

A game unique in the world

At the end of 2019 the game “Tabù in the world of parks”, a game unique in the world, will be on sale for families of up to 4 players aged 6 to 14 years. This game was designed by taboo to introduce the best amusement parks in the world to make kids dream.